The world is unsafe.

Everyone knows this. As children we had a natural fear of the unknown. The threats against our businesses, family and life are diverse and change. Who hasn't read about identity thieves, computer ransomware, criminal hackers, stalkers, violent drug cartels or terrorists. Because of this, we have put structures in place to protect ourselves. No matter how diligent and well trained you are, there are always gaps ... always. It could be lack of in-house expertise or knowledge but they are part of every organization.

Risk Horizon was formed to address this challenge.

the PROBLEMS of Today

Threats from multiple directions

Search engines and social media has made it easier than ever to find personal details on key individuals and their families. Smart phones, laptops, network interconnectivity and innovations in electronics make surveillance within the budget of any embittered ex-employee or stalker. States routinely spy for the benefit of favoured industries. Even small organizations with limited assets, in the middle of nowhere are now targets.

Competing Priorities

Regardless, how skilled, how diligent they are, in-house security staff struggle to keep up. One client said, "I feel like we are juggling glass balls." Three number one priorities are impossible.

As threats multiply more work is assigned to existing teams. Eventually there will be blind spots or increasing uncertainties which can delay introducing products, cancelling travel plans and lost opportunity. In the worst possible case, risks are simply accepted.


Prevention, detection and remediation are the only options available. Which one is most expensive? Which is most effective? How does one balance their efforts within existing budgets?

Adding permanent employees adds permanent overhead. When the risk evolves you can't always repurpose associates. Flexibility is lost.

  • The Solution

    The solution is simple. Whether that requirement calls for someone in Chad or Paraguay, whether the risk exists for five days or five years every time you find a gap, you add an employee with the exact skill set and experience required. The trouble with this approach is that you can't hire much less find the best cyber and physical security practitioners. Why? Because they tend to shun working in large organizations and prefer the autonomy of working independently or in small teams. Unless you operate in certain circles, you probably won't know who they are.

For organizations and individuals who are dissatisfied with gaps in their security and privacy, Risk Horizon is a new approach drawing the best independents together to fill and augment any security requirement globally and unlike the giant security firms, they place their clients needs ahead of quarterly earning reports.

Why Now

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    Social Forces

    Perceptions of income and power inequality, amplified by social media and political grandstanding, grant criminal elements the rationalization they need to justify their asocial behavior.

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    Economic Forces

    For some, it's easier to take than produce. Safe in the comfort of their homes, hackers can steal millions every year by draining bank accounts. Terrorist organizations and criminal gangs can fund their operatons with kidnap and ransom.

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    Technological Forces

    Advanced technology was once the domain of the privileged few. Now any stalker can place their obsession under video surveillance with inexpensive gear. Criminals can coordinate their activities with satellite phones over encrypted connections. Many people use technology they barely understand, much less secure.

An expert team with global capabilities

Physical Security

Executive protection, security details, event security, risk assessments, site security audits, workplace violence and active shooter seminars

Cyber Security

Secure communications, satellite communications, network vulnerability assessments, threat modeling, forensics, penetration testing

Operational Support

Emergency housing, medical support, higher risk travel briefings, sensitive asset recovery, personnel recovery, new market entry, secure supply chain and logistics

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